Scratchings in the Dirt

Winter is here…already!

It is white outside today.  There is still quite a bit of snow left from the big dump we received a few days ago, and it is snowing/raining again.  Not sure if I’ll be making my weekly trip to God’s country today or not.  I’m sure the choir would manage quite well without me, but I would miss seeing them!  We sang for a St.Patrick’s Day tea on Saturday.  What fun!  The room was all decked out in green, and everyone wore green, as well.  So festive.  And the ladies put on a fabulous spread, complete with freshly baked biscuits and Cathy Fischer’s shortbread – yum!  I really miss that place sometimes…

Our hockey season came to an abrupt end the other night.  Battleford came from a two-goal deficit and beat us on home ice.  They were definitely the hungrier team.  Shocked a lot of our parents, though, as this team has claimed the title every year they have entered the league.  Another of my predictions was proved false, as well, as Spiritwood fell to Melville in the provincial B final.  They got spanked, and as Derek said, “Glad it wasn’t us”!   Besides, he’s into badminton now. 

I didn’t have to get to go to Esterhazy, as Clem had a friend volunteer for the 15-hour journey, but Clem is tickled with his “new” tractor tires.  As soon as the yard dries up, I’m sure he’ll have the local tire guy busy out here.  Adam has expressed an interest in doing some farming again this year, so that will definitely help with the work load.  Stephen is still waiting for a date for surgery, so not sure when or even if he’ll be able to run a tractor this spring.  Looks like Derek will be getting a few more hours this year!

Since we don’t have to worry about any more hockey games being scheduled here, we are hoping to get away to watch a friend’s boy play in the Saskatchewan AAA Midget final series.  Taylor, who played Midget with Stephen for two years, plays for Prince Albert, and they are playing the fourth of five games tomorrow in Saskatoon.   From there we hope to get to Outlook for a 90th birthday party for Clem’s mom’s cousin.  I know – we really know how to whoop it up, don’t we? 

Well, best get moving here this morning – no rest for the wicked!
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