Scratchings in the Dirt

The heat is … off.

I am amazed at what I accomplished last week.  Of course, there was a serious deadline – Easter – and just to add a bit more pressure, I decided to paint my kitchen cabinets and have our friend, who built us new cupboard doors, come out and install them.   That was when I thought we were having a small, intimate gathering for a laid-back Easter supper.  You know, before everyone’s plans changed and they called to say that, yes, they would join us for the holiday meal.  And before we discovered that we were sent the wrong door handles.  And before choir members started calling to say that they would be gone for Easter. Oh, what a week.  However, I persevered and conquered.  Sort of.  We improvised a bit with the music at church,  installed the doors sans handles, and invited a couple more people for supper, because, what the heck, I was cooking anyway.  And it all turned out.  Well, most of it, and what didn’t just wasn’t meant to be.  The main thing is that we were surrounded by friends and family and love (and food).  And my boys were here.  And the cutest little niece and nephew, too.  What more could a woman want?

We didn’t get many pictures, and what we did take didn’t turn out so well, but here’s a peek at supper, anyway!

And now I’m stalled.  It seems like I get nothing done if I don’t have some deadline looming over me.   Cupboards to finish, farm books to do, yard work to start, oh so many things on my list.   Quick – someone schedule something!!

Thanks for checking in!

One thought on “The heat is … off.

  1. Happy EASTER!
    Great to see the family gathered…
    now let's see those spanking new cupboards LOL

    Uncle carl

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