Scratchings in the Dirt


That’s how I feel right now.  We just learned that Brad McCrimmon died in a plane crash in Russia, along with most of the hockey team he was coaching there.  Brad is from Plenty, and although I only met him once, was by all accounts a great guy.  He will be sorely missed.  My brothers met him, and had their picture taken with him, when he brought the Stanley Cup to Plenty one year.  Good memories.   RIP Brad.

Add to that the fact that my aunt is very ill, and the yucky feeling grows.  I made a quick trip to visit her the other day, and although it was hard to see her like that, I’m glad I went.  She has had a tough life, and fought many health issues over the years.  My favorite memory of her is helping her wash vegetables one summer day when we stopped at their farm.  She told me many stories about her mom, the grandma I never knew.  It was such a special time.  So we are praying hard for her and for her family.   You can, too, if you like!

Poor Clem is still fighting with the combine.  It’s too early to tell who will win, but I hope it’s Clem, because with this hot weather, the crops will be ready in no time!

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