Scratchings in the Dirt

On a Bus Heading North

Adam, Stephen, and I , and 40 other hockey-crazed people, hopped on a charter bus yesterday headed for Arborfield, a village of 200 people about about half-an-hour northeast of Tisdale.  Yep, you’re right, that would make it a five-hour drive from Kerrobert.  The Midgets played Game 1 of the Provincial semi-finals.  They lost.  They gave it a pretty good try; in fact, it was 3 – 1 for us going into the third period.  But they fell apart.  That’s the only way to describe it.  A number of factors were involved, but they basically just quit playing the way they can play, and the Arborfield/Zenon Park team won 5 – 3.  It was a pretty quiet bus ride home.  Except for the exceptionally good pizza we had delivered to the bus (you gotta love Saskatchewan small towns!) which had everyone oohing and aahing (and belching and, well you know…).  We got home about 2 o’clock this morning, sure that we can beat them when they come back next Saturday.  Time will tell!

Meanwhile, we have another league playoff game at home when Wilkie comes to town on Tuesday.  We won game 1 of this round 7 – 4, and we have high hopes of going on to the league final.  We beat out Wilkie in the third round of Provincials, so this is something of a grudge match. They are a good strong team, which makes for a good hockey game.  

Derek’s team is done for the season.  They easily won their league division championship, and did the obligatory skate around the ice kissing the trophy.  All very NHLish.  Derek’s team lost out early at the Tier II tournament in Saskatoon at the end of February.  It was a close game, though, and they played well.  Another little attitude adjustment, which was somewhat necessary!

Stephen didn’t make the zone team.  We had a look at the final roster and Clem is questioning the evaluators’ decisions a bit, since Stephen had a really good camp, but I guess they were looking for something else.  Anyway, his performance at camp won him an invitation to a AAA Midget camp in April, so someone else must have seen what Clem saw.  

Adam has been spending quite a bit more time at home these days.  He’s 16.  ‘Nuf said.

The school and town have gotten just about as excited about our Africa trip as Anita and I have. The school is having a hot dog sale and some popcorn sales to raise money to send a donated shipping container of books to the school in Ussongo where we will be staying.  The library and the drugstore are also taking collections.  What a great group of people! 

The weather has turned much more spring-like.  The days are getting longer and I am loving it. Clem has mixed emotions, as it just means his work is about to start again!  Around and around we go!

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