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Meanwhile, back at Hockey Central…

I’m getting old.  The cold wind just cut right through me yesterday, prompting an outburst along the lines of “I wish I was in Africa right now!!”.   I even got a chill at the rink in Paradise Hill on Saturday, and that is unusual for me!

And speaking of the Paradise Hill arena (ha, ha…pretty cool lead-in, don’t you think?) it was a sad place to be on Saturday night if you were with the home team.  Our Midgets won 6 – 3 and will now advance to Round 3 in Provincial playoffs.  The boys played well.  Stephen got a beauty goal – a one-timer just in from the blue line – and two assists.  I was one proud mama.  Adam didn’t see too much ice time, but we expected that the bench would be shortened for this game. Clem’s nerves got the best of him and he spent most of the game out in the van, stewing.  Wimp. Dad was there, though, enjoying the fast, well-played game and the comments from the peanut gallery.  Oh, and the announcer with the French accent who kept calling us the Kerrobert Prairie “Tunder“.  Cracked us up every time.

Dad also got to see the Atoms get their butts kicked, and their heads shrunk back to size, on Friday when the Battlefords tournament team returned to avenge their previous home ice loss.  It was sort of fun to watch, actually. Derek played well, and said that out of the defense players, he was on the ice for the least amount of goals.  Good attitude.  And really, the most important thing is the rink burger with your friends after the game.   Although I’d wager there are a few parents who would disagree with me on that one, judging from some of the long faces!!!

All in all, a good hockey weekend.  We’re back at it this weekend with Clem traveling to Maidstone with Stephen for the Midget zone camp, and Derek and I off to Saskatoon for a tournament.  Hopefully Uncle Rob can take in some of the action there.  

In other news, classes have resumed at Kerrobert Composite.  Yippee!! 

Thanks for stopping in.  


PS:  Carl, are you still out there??

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