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Theresa Sokyrka was here!

I enjoyed an evening out last night at the lovely Prairieland Community center here in Kerrobert. A fundraising dinner was held for the new hospital, and Theresa Sokyrka, runner-up in Canadian Idol a couple of years ago, was the entertainment for the evening. The dinner was yummy – perogies, cabbage rolls, ham – and Theresa was great. I’m not a huge fan of jazz, which she obviously prefers, but I do like listening to her voice and guitar playing. She has such a warm, open personality, which makes for a good rapport with her audience. You can’t help falling in love with the sweet girl!

Aunt Margie certainly did. Here she is with Theresa in the center and our neighbor, Carol, on the left.

Derek had his cousin, Wyatt, out for a sleepover this weekend. Wow, is he like his dad was at that age! They had a great time, but didn’t get too much sleep! They met up at the pool one day last week, and had a grand time.

Catch you later!

One thought on “Theresa Sokyrka was here!

  1. I love Theresa Sokyrka! I was in a play with her in high school, either Damn Yankees or Guys and Dolls I forget, and partied at her house once or twice when her older sister had some bashes. I put Theresa’s cd on in my car last week and have been singing along, trying to make my voice sound as smoky as hers. I think I sound great.

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