Scratchings in the Dirt

Schraefel happenings

Another very busy weekend, which I suppose will be the norm for the winter!

Stephen played two home games. They lost the first (should have won!) and won the second, after a “pep” talk from the coach before the second period!!! Stephen got a goal from the point, but broke his favorite hockey stick during the game. Now he’s using what would have been his mother’s new winter coat!!!

Adam went to “Take Your Child to Work Day” with a friend of ours who owns a furniture/electronics retail store in Unity. It sounds like he had an eye-opening experience; maybe school isn’t so bad after all. His Bantam team started practicing this week, and I think they will have a good year. Adam is getting to be a very good skater, and a strong right-winger.
Clem and I took Derek to Calgary on Monday so he could take Uncle Rob to the Flames vs. Washington game. I’m not sure which one of them had more fun, but they both enjoyed watching Ovechkin play. Anyone who can rock Phaneuf and Regier like that is to be admired. Rob and Amber (well, maybe just Rob) asked to have Derek for a sleepover, so Clem and I had a very enjoyable evening browsing a mall and sampling one of Calgary’s finer dining establishments. We both returned home much more relaxed than when we left. The DVD player with headphones in the van might have had something to do with that, as well, as Derek hardly said two words all the way home. Probably a record for him.

Marj is recuperating in her own home from her broken arm, with some care from the family. Cathy stayed for a week to help, and now Chris is home from Mexico to check in and provide whatever Marj needs. The bone hasn’t set straight, but Marj decided she won’t be pitching any ball games anymore, so it probably doesn’t matter!

My sister, Lisa, has left the country again, this time for a position in Russia as an English language instructor. She starts next week, in a community near Moscow. We follow her escapades via her blog ( You might enjoy doing so, as well. She is an excellent blogger.

Clem’s new position as president of Kerrobert Minor Hockey is proving to be very challenging. Hopefully things will settle down a bit in the near future so we can just enjoy the boys’ recreation of choice.

Until next time,