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Update from the farm

We woke up Saturday to a layer of ice from an early morning rain, but luckily it only rained right at our place! Clem and Derek left at 7 a.m. for a Novice game in Macklin. Kerrobert was easily handling the home team, so the coaches decided to mix things up a bit. Ordinarily a stay-at-home defenseman, Derek “Big Bird” Schraefel got to play center, and turned out to be a goal-scorer. Four goals – two in one shift – and two assists. He was still vibing after the hour drive home!

Our two Bantams had the weekend off, except for Stephen’s Sunday afternoon practice. I wasn’t looking forward to sitting in Kindersley for two hours, but found to my delight that the football game was on TV in the arena lobby. I missed all but the end of the first half, watching the Kindersley/Unity Bantams play, but thoroughly enjoyed the second half. I thought of my Uncle Mark, and how he must have enjoyed that Rider win from the comfort of his Edmonton home. I also thought of my brothers, Mark and Jason, who were at the game. I’ve quit thinking about Jason since I learned this evening that he was cheering for Calgary. Some people just don’t have any loyalty.

Speaking of which, I also enjoyed watching the Luseland Mallards defeat the Kerrobert Tigers in the SWHL league game in Kerrobert Friday night. Adam and Stephen talked me into taking them, and I’m glad I did. Luseland has some real talent again this year, and I got to catch up with some long-time friends I don’t get to see often enough.

Clem leaves tomorrow for the SARM convention in Saskatoon, so I will be a single parent for a couple of days. It shouldn’t be too hard – I’ll just hang out at the rink, feed the kids rink burgers and wait for the practices to end!

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3 thoughts on “Update from the farm

  1. I’m enjoying hearing about the goings on in Schraefel world. It actually sounds pretty attractive from where I’m standing (what I’d do for a rink burger right now!!) Oh well – I’ll eat some cabbage. I’ll always cheer for the Riders and the Mallards (unless Big Bird or one of his brothers are up against them). Thanks for keeping me informed.

  2. Yes Chandra, Even though I went with a bunch of Calgary fans, except our loyal sister in-law,who won’t let her husband change her over…it was one of the best games that I’ve been at. The only better one was in ’89 when we beat Edmonton in the Western final,and that wasn’t better by much. The best the about the game was the number of Rider fans at the game…it looked like christmas with all of the green and red mixed in the stands….and felt like christmas when we won. I think I had more messeges on my cell phone from people wanting to celebrate and asking me how it was(Mom)than i’ve ever had at any x-mas. So yes….it was GREAT!!

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