Scratchings in the Dirt

Finished Harvest 06

We finished at 4PM Tue, Sept 12. Rain is predicted starting tonight for 5 days. We have shipped many B train trucks to make room for this years harvest. Peas yielded 30 bushels per acre, Lentils 15, Wheat 25, Barley 45, Flax 10, Oats 35. All in all they were average yields. Quality is all

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One day before the Rain

80 acres and one day left. They are calling for rain to begin overnight and to go until after the weekend. We had a great day yesterday. Adam is getting back in the saddle and they pounded off 160 acres yesterday. We can use a rain as things are very dry. The Schraefel Farm

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Stephen banged off the 100

With Adam down for the count, Stephen was grinding alone in the ol’ Massey 750. We started this morning after church and he never missed a beat. He ‘s well over half done the 160 acre field. Derek helped all day moving trucks and he found that he can get an FM station out here

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Closing in!

320 acres left to go!! The weather is holding and everyything looks good. I lost some operators yesterday. One had the flu and one had a broken nose and black eyes. Adam lost his first football game but he didn’t see any action. Most of the rookies get to watch from the bench. Stephen is

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Chandra’ Garden

Before I forget, I wanted to show a picture of Chandra’s garden. I had tried to put it on our site earlier but gave up. Anyway, here it is in the early stages. It is by far our best crop and most important crop. It is 100% organic and we have been enjoying the fruits

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