Scratchings in the Dirt


Here Carl, Just so you can feel real bad, we had lots of fun after. All the people Mom loved were there (except you of course). We laughed, told stories and sang. It was nice to see everyone and it was amazing that so many came. We had a party after prayers and watched a slide show, then went to Chris’s the next day after the funeral. Chandra said Mom would have been annoyed if she knew anyone went out of their way to come, and she is right, but they came anyway and it was great. Lots of stories told about you by the way. Russ told some dandies about you and him in Calgary. 6 big grandsons carried Mom to her final resting place. Nick, Nathan, Stephen, Adam, Tyler and Brendan. She would have been proud!

Here are a few pictures taken at Chris’s after. Quality is bad, not sure why. Anyway we missed you. Hope you are OK, as I know she is.

Lisa, Chris and Joanne

The 1955s
Mary Anne, Margie, Joanne, Donna and Clem
Sorry about the picture


Mark Schraefel Crew