Scratchings in the Dirt

Lake life.

Hello again!  We’re back, after an amazing holiday.  Clem and I haven’t spent that much time together since our honeymoon, and it was wonderful.  It would have been nice to have Derek spend some time with us, too, but he was having too much fun with his friend (and his friend’s dad’s sea-doo!).  We have a camp site at Attons Lake for the summer (it’s nice and close and we can run up there for a night or two if we get a chance) but we booked a spot at Brightsand Lake for ten days.  It was absolutely gorgeous.  It is really a beautiful lake, and the powers that be give campers the advantage of being close to the lake – the cabins near the public area are all back from the lake.  We had never been there, so I relied on the gal taking our reservation to pick us out a good spot.  She rocks!  We were right on the lake, just down from the public beach.  We couldn’t have picked a better spot if we tried!  We were able to dock the boat just in front of our site, and the lovely breeze from the lake kept us cool in what turned out to be the hottest part of the summer so far.   Heavenly.

Every morning and every evening, we would walk over the boat and go for a little cruise.  Again, heavenly.



We tried taking Derek tubing, but our poor little craft doesn’t quite have the gumption!

 He much preferred tubing with his friend!


We took advantage of the air-conditioned truck on a couple of very hot afternoons and found some interesting museums.  The old church in St.Walburg is now the museum, and we were lucky enough to arrive when there were three wonderful volunteer guides there.  They told great stories, and let us enjoy the displays.  Of course, the church is decorated with Imhoff paintings, and even though they are now weathered and darkened, they are still fabulous.

 Interesting sign!
After that, we checked out the Imhoff Gallery, a provincial heritage site.  It is just a couple miles out of St.Walburg, on Imhoff’s original farm.  His grandson lives there now, and they rent out the land.  The grandson’s wife runs the tours in the original studio.  We weren’t allowed to take photos inside, but even the outside of the building is decorated.  Imhoff also did the paintings for the Holy Rosary church at Reward.
               This website has some good information, and a link to the gallery website.    
           Our camping neighbours had two cute little girls, and I couldn’t resist snapping some shots of them playing in the sand.
 We spent a couple of days back at Attons, since it had rained at home and the farm and field work was on hold.  Luckily, Stephen and Adam had been holding down the fort, with help from our wonderful neighbours, the “Wright” people!  We are truly blessed!
 Since then I’ve been spending a lot of time in the garden, catching up with the weeds!  Everything really grew, and we already have peas, beans, beets, and potatoes.  So, so good.  That first pot of borscht was incredible yesterday!
Thanks for checking in!