Scratchings in the Dirt

They still need me!

Stephen had a hernia repair done two days ago, and is staying here with us to recuperate.  I am so glad I am able to be here for him, and so glad that he is willing to let us take care of him.  It is sort of good to feel needed again.  Even if it means running up and down the stairs numerous times a day –  our house is NOT set up for people with physical disabilities!  (The rest of us with mental problems are quite comfortable here!!!  Dysfunction, anyone??)  I had been slacking off on the cooking department a bit, as it is just Clem and Derek and I, and often Derek is in town at some activity or another.  Plus there are hockey playoffs going on, so a sandwich in front of the TV has been the mainstay.  However, my mother’s intuition tells me Stephen needs lots of good nourishing food to get well (and to get moving, if you know what I mean), so there have been actual meals showing up around here again!  Adam has been coming out to help with the seeding, and he usually brings his appetite with him, so there is little in the way of leftovers.  That is good.  So good.  I love having all my boys around.   Then Derek tells me he wants to go on the next school Europe trip, and he wants me to come with him.  My heart swells!  Well, until the next call from the school.  That loving feeling fades pretty fast then.

Seeding has not gotten off to a great start.  We had two nice warm days, with little wind, and Clem spent most of them trying to get the packers to work on the drill.  Some peas are in the ground, though, and will take advantage of the precipitation (snow, they say, although I really didn’t want to have to say that) supposedly coming our way.  I’m guessing it’s coming with the rather strong east wind we are currently experiencing.  Oh, I think I just saw a patio chair fly by the front window!  Ya, that kind of strong wind.

Well, I’m off to put some clothes in the washer and chicken in the slowcooker – I do hope I can keep that straight this morning – before heading off to entertain the wonderful people at the Buena Vista along with my favourite group of singers, the Luseland Community Choir.   Lots of Luseland folks at the BV, too, so it is nice to catch up with them and hear Flo Bell’s stories of doing headstands at parties years ago.  What a gal.

Thanks for checking in!