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Quick Takes – January edition

1.  It’s foggy today.  It rained yesterday.  Last week it was -40.  Gotta love winter in Saskatchewan.

2.  Derek’s team had a great hockey weekend, going three for three.  We went to Lashburn to meet Maidstone for the first round of Provincial B hockey playoffs.  Only saw about 10 minutes of the game, though, as Derek’s buddy took a hit into the boards and broke his collarbone.  Since his mom had traveled up with me, I became the ambulance driver.  We (carefully) raced back to Unity (I love my Honda!), where they have a great doctor who got him fixed up in no time.  I had to wait an hour in town for Derek to get back with the team – that’s how quick they were at the hospital.  Oh, and the team won 7 to 1.  The next night it was off to Outlook to play Conquest in a league game.  It was a bit of a sleeper (we won 8 to 1), but the booth offered up some good eatin’s and we got to see my dear Uncle Tony.  Sunday was a trip to Unity for another game.  Although the Kerrobert-native coach would have loved to beat us, it was not to be.  Derek started off the scoring with a nice low slap from the blue line for a 4 to 1 win. 

3.  Adam is alive and kicking.  I haven’t actually seen him since Christmas, but I get these great one-word texts (“ya”, “K”) when he replies, 24 hours later, to my queries, so I know all is well.

4.  Stephen has returned to the great white north, but not before getting into a little trouble at the local arena.  It seems discipline/justice is fairly discretionary in our little town, and “incidents” are dealt with according to who sees what and who you happen to be.  Not that my little boy is innocent – oh no, he can mix it up with the best (worst?) of them – but it would be nice to experience just a little fairness once in a while.  That’s all I’m asking.  Why, oh why, do I continue to hope for that?  You’d think I’d learn.  After all, you can see the bruise on my forehead from banging my head against the wall…

5.  The Rage is continuing to suck slough water, poor guys.  They lost three for three on a big road trip last weekend.  It can’t be the fault of our billets, though.  They are very dedicated to the game.  They went to the gym last night, and they still aren’t home.  They will be in extremely good shape!  Not sure why they needed the poker chips, though….

6.  I am awaiting what I’m sure will be amazing photos of little Sawyer.  Brendan promised.

7.  Clem is off to the dentist today for four crowns, and not the kind you wear on your head. Sucks to be him. 

Thanks for  checking in!

2 thoughts on “Quick Takes – January edition

  1. Thanks for the update…gotta love the running hockey commentary!Not to mention the other'subtle' hints of untoward goings on…hmmmn

    Life is going well over here…we start the second semester Jan. 28. I cancelled my website and working on a new one with a new professional site builder… same domain name

    Thanks again Chandra for your consistent posting…great to know what your all up to…good luck to Clem with the dentist…and keep up the winning streak Dereck!

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