Scratchings in the Dirt

We’re getting a new bus driver.

Not because we need one.  Or even because we want one.  We’re getting a new bus driver because it’s a union, folks.  We have had at least one child riding this school bus since 1997, and there have been a lot of different drivers.  Last year, a woman who lives in our area got the route, and we finally have an efficient, dependable, punctual driver who knows and likes the kids on the bus, and, as a bonus, can keep them all under control.  But do we get to keep her on this route?  No way.  She is being “bumped” by someone with seniority.  He’s not a better driver, he’s just driven longer for this school division.  Makes perfect sense, right?  Ya.  Right.

Normally this wouldn’t bother me all that much, but I’ve had it up to my eyeballs with unions lately.  The teachers, postal workers, Air Canada (with whom Stephen is booked to fly to Australia in a couple of weeks!) and now bus drivers.   Don’t get me wrong – I believe that at one time unions were necessary and protected the rights of workers.  But it’s gone way beyond that.  There are labour laws in place, probably due to the efforts of unions, that now give workers all the rights and protection they need.   If it’s a matter of compensation – which it usually is! –  then, sure, if you prove that you’re worth it, you get a raise.  But I don’t think you should get a raise just because you’re a teacher, or a postal worker, or a bus driver.   And I don’t think you should get to move someone else out of his/her position just because you’ve been with the company longer, particularly if said person is doing a great job!

There.  I’m getting off my soapbox now and going to make supper.  I wish someone would bump me out of that job!

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  1. i am new into this bus riding world… and we are more than SAD to see her go!! NOT excited for what may come.


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