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Quick Takes – again!

1.  We think Derek has some strange, rare disease.  He just went out and started cutting grass ON HIS OWN,  WITHOUT BEING ASKED!  I don’t believe the symptoms are full-blown yet, though, because he hasn’t done the other jobs that are waiting to be done.

2.  Stephen went to a friend’s on a Saturday night to study for biology.  Ya.  Right.

3.  We had a great celebration party for the Midget hockey team.  Clem put together a slide show, made a great speech (well, he actually did a little roast of the coach!), and showed a couple of the last games on a large screen.  Everyone had a good time, especially the players, and they were properly honoured for their inspiring achievement of winning a Provincial title this year.

4.  Grad preparations are well underway and I am mighty tired of meetings.  Nineteen days and it will all be over!

5.  Stephen’s ticket to Australia is all booked and paid for on our VISA.  Now Air Canada, my very favourite airline (insert heavy sarcasm here) is being threatened with strike action and the ash cloud from the Chilean volcano is disrupting air travel to New Zealand and Australia.  Opting for that cancellation insurance may finally turn out to be a smart choice! 

6.  Dad dropped in for a visit yesterday.  Coincidentally, it was right at supper time.  Funny how that happens!   In his defense, he had called and told Derek to tell me he was coming.  Which Derek did about half an hour before he arrived.  Let’s just say Dad got to see how we really live!

7.  I was feted in fine form for the 25th anniversary of my 21st birthday.  I woke up to find a cute card and a bowl of M&M’s from Derek, our wonderful neighbour took me out for lunch, and then a great group of gals took me out for supper!  The best present, though, was when my three-year-old niece sang “Happy Birthday” to me over the phone.  What a sweetheart.  I suppose I should give her parents a bit of credit there, too, as I don’t think she knew before they told her that it was my birthday.  Nor can she dial my phone number.  But hey, it was my birthday and I can spin it as I like!

That’s it for now, folks!  Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Happy Birthday Chandra! Thanks for sharing…otherwise how would I know…LOL
    see you in July!

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