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Happy Birthday, Adam!

My baby is nineteen today.  My first baby, that is.  As the book reads, “as long as you’re living, my baby you’ll be.”  So very true.

I remember so well the day he was born.  It was a gorgeous summer – hot days and rain nearly every night. Everything was so lush and green.   Except for the big blue tent – that was I.  I really thought I might melt.  I don’t do the heat well at the best of times, so being nearly a week over my due date and hoping for a forty-pound baby just added another level or three of discomfort.   But the big day finally arrived.  I will spare you the details because I still wince a bit just thinking about it.  After a very long day in a very small room, nine-pound 8-ounce Adam arrived at about 7 pm, after a little help from a couple of different doctors.   We were over the moon, and in no fear of having some hospital mix-up with our child.   Our big red-haired bundle was quite distinguishable amongst all the tiny, dark little Asian babies.  I think the hospital staff were cooking him steak by the second day.

We weren’t the only excited ones.  First-time Grandma Betty fairly flew in from Saskatchewan, accompanied by first-time Uncle Rob.  Great-great-aunt Esther had great-great-uncle Alex drive her over immediately upon hearing the news so that she could be the third person to ever hold Adam.   Then my lying family surprised me by all being at the house when Clem brought Adam and me home.   It was an idyllic time – I can almost hear heavenly music when I recall it.   Almost.  There were stitches involved, people.

Anyway, I think Adam has turned out to be a pretty great guy.  As Grandma Marj always said, kids will turn out OK despite what their parents do.  He’s friendly, hard working, generous, and has a great sense of humour.   I just about added responsible, but we’ll wait a year on that.    At Grad last year, more than one person used the word “kind” when describing Adam.  As Grandma Betty says, there isn’t much of which to be more proud.

Happy Birthday, Adam.  We love you!  And please be careful tonight as you drink for the first time!   (And you wondered where the sense of humour originated?)

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