Scratchings in the Dirt

The Wind is Howling

When I first decided this morning that I should do another post, I was going to name it “Spring is Springing”, since the crabapple tree is just busting open with blossoms and everything is turning green (or yellow, here where we don’t spray for dandelions!), and my deck is loaded with bedding plants waiting to be planted.  However, now the land has started to blow, and it doesn’t feel so “springish”!

The guys are close to being done seeding.  They should finish the wheat up today or tomorrow, and then just the flax is left to do.  It sure has been nice to have both Adam and Stephen around, although Stephen was rather pre-occupied with the Toronto exchange for a week.  We loved having Edward stay with us, and he seemed to enjoy his stay, as well.  Those city kids got a good dose of country living – a bonfire, cattle branding, zip-lining, and a tour of a Hutterite colony.  Clem gave Edward a short lesson on grain farming, as well, complete with a ride in the tractor pulling an air seeder.   I’m thinking Edward’s favorite part, though, was the ride in Stephen’s Caddy!

All the Toronto kids loved the horses and the wagon ride when they first arrived in town!

We had a BBQ in the park for them, and the Mayor spoke and gave out Kerrobert and Saskatchewan pins.

While looking for these pictures, I realized that I hadn’t shared the photos from sweet baby Rogan’s baby shower!  I was remiss!   Here you go!

The happy couple – Rob with his plate!

Auntie Terri holding the newest addition.

Uncle Jason – not sure we should let him hold babies, though!

Even Copper got a turn!

After the exchange bonfire at our place, Derek decided he should have his friends out.  So we did.  What a crew!
And that’s about it!  I had the doctor freeze some plantar’s warts off my feet, so I am hobbling around these days.  But I’m chomping at the bit to get outside and dig in the dirt.  The garden is almost all in, and we’ve put in an order for rain as soon as the seeding is done.  I’ll let you know how that goes.
Thanks for stopping by!