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Quick Take Friday – on Saturday

Subtitle:  A Day Late and a Dollar Short

1.  I took the morning off at the library to bake bread for the local annual Mother’s Day Tea and Bake Sale.  Then I slept in.  I will go to the tea and buy another’s baking.  Next year I will bake again.  As I’ve said so many times in the past, the road to hell is paved with good intentions, and I am going to have one smooth ride, my friends.

2.  My lovely (and now favorite) aunt brought back two bottles of wine for me from their BC wine tour.  Apparently my secret addiction is not so secret…

3. Stephen’s formerly non-urgent hernia repair will take place on Tuesday next.  After a whirlwind of phone calls and appointments, he’s decided to get it done sooner rather than later.  He’s hoping to be well enough to proceed with his plans to participate in a five-week hockey tournament in Australia beginning in early July.  Oh, to be young and naive, as opposed to old and envious (like his mother.)  He’ll probably go.

4.  The men have started seeding, although the air drill is currently sitting in the yard for what appears to be minor repairs.  Our new hired man (Adam) hasn’t arrived yet, so he is either not needed or had a really good time last night.  I speculate on these matters because, as an experienced farm wife, I know it is wiser to wait until I am told things rather than to ask questions.  Especially when you expect the one who knows the answers to take you to “Riverdance” tonight to take advantage of the wonderful gift bestowed on us by the Midget hockey team.

5.  I had a lovely visit with my brother and sister-in-law and their new addition yesterday.  The little perogie let me inspect and snuggle him to my heart’s content (the baby, not my brother).  I love being an auntie!  When he began to protest my attentions, I was able to pass him over to his mother and hastily retreat to my two-hour solo sojourn.  I sometimes really love that drive – listening to music that I like, not having to share the snacks, and no phone (unless I need to check my messages, that is!)  Only a chauffeur would make it better!  But the rough narrow road and gi-normous potholes keep me awake.  Thanks, SK Highways!

6.  Derek has joined the ranks of RIM’s BB addicts.  If someone had told me a couple of years ago that my preteen son would possess a smartphone, I would have laughed.  Although that would have been rather stupid since I know his father, who just the other day went out to purchase printer ink and came home with a BB Playbook.  Yes, he remembered the cartridges.  My children have inherited some wonderful traits from their father, along with that tendency to easy distraction and an addiction to gadgets.  Unfortunately their inheritance doesn’t include independent personal wealth, so I do foresee some struggles in their lives!

7.  My Calgary brother and his family are enroute to the southern Alberta desert country to spend the Mother’s Day weekend with our mom and dad.  I anticipate that he will now be in possession of the coveted “Favorite Child” pedestal, as I, at least, neglected to even send my mother a card.  Drat him and his proximity!  I will have to commence planning for her “special” birthday…

That’s it – all blogged out for now.  I sincerely hope that none of you out there await my up-coming posts with bated breath, as I would hate to be responsible for all the fainting.  But thanks for checking in!

2 thoughts on “Quick Take Friday – on Saturday

  1. Og that goodness you blogged. I was turning blue from holding my breath! Hehe

  2. Heh Chandra! Thanks for the entertaining post, your well written wiley wit belies an inner truth. Thanks for the laughs.
    cheers, carl
    see you this summer!

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