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Mother’s Day

I’ve just had the best Mother’s Day yet.  I think I may say that every year, but whatever.  I am not showered with gifts, or flowers, or cards, and sometimes they even forget what day it is.  But I know that deep down those strong, tall, silent-type boys really do like me and appreciate what I do.  They just have a little trouble communicating it, that’s all.  And if I have learned anything after 21 years in a house full of testosterone, it’s that guys don’t talk about their feelings.  After that truth knocks you upside the head, it’s more than satisfying to receive the odd hug or back-handed compliment. 

Yesterday, Derek had me watch a tear-jerker youtube video (on his new phone, don’t you know) of people’s opinions on what life would be like without mothers (although that premise is obviously flawed).  About halfway through, he asked, “When Mother’s Day, anyway?”  I told him.  “Crap”, he said, “I was just going to give you a hug. That sort of blows my plans for Mother’s Day.”   Life with boys!

After that touching moment, Clem and I left for the big city to take advantage of the Riverdance tickets with which we were gifted.  Wow.  It was absolutely amazing.  I had always thought that I would like to go, but the urge had never been strong enough to make me actually, like, buy tickets.  But it was incredible – the music, the lights, the dancing, everything.  I highly recommend it.  Clem even gave them a couple of his loud ‘hockey game’ whistles – high praise, though not entirely appreciated by the people in front of us, I’m sure.  There were what appeared to be many farmers (you know, hat hair and the start of the farmer tan) in the crowd, appeasing their wives for Mother’s Day.  Too cute. 

Afterwards, when it appeared that the gridlock in the parking lot was going to last for quite a while, we walked over to a very nice little restaurant for a late, and scrumptious, supper.  Then these two old fogeys managed to stay awake for the drive home.  Well, the not-so-smooth condition of the highway helped again, as well.

Today, after a nice phone visit with the greatest mother in the world (that’s mine, in case you’re wondering),  I was treated to a lovely supper at The Grill, the newest restaurant in town, run by the lovely Lori.  The meal was fantastic, and the service impeccable.  But what made it so great was sitting around with my guys, talking and laughing.  A lot of laughing.  Those boys have incredible senses of humor.  They seldom fail to make me laugh, and that fact has saved their hides on numerous occasions.  It has also quite often made me choke when taking a drink of water, but what the hay.  All in good fun.  If you can’t laugh at life, well, then, I guess you’d cry.  (Cut me a little slack here – it’s late and this old brain is really struggling.)

So Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers out there, and I hope the rest of you made sure it was!  Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. That does sound perfect! Happy Mother's Day – a day late. :)

    (Blogger tells me that the first comment didn't go through — sorry if this is a double!)

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