Scratchings in the Dirt

I guess there IS life after hockey!

We travelled to the capital of Western Canada a few days ago to help my mom celebrate an incredible honour.  She won an Alberta Child Care Professional Award of Excellence – one of 12 winners from the over 800 nominated!  We are so proud!  It was a gala evening at the ol’ Westin Hotel.  My niece, age 3, 
referred to it as a ball, and wore her butterfly dress.  Too cute!  
The woman of the hour!



A great time was had by all, to be sure!  
Last night we drove over to Dodge to partake of their Spring Fling, which consisted of good eats, good drinks, good company, and great entertainment in the form of two comedians with connections to the town.   The first was Donovan Deschner, who is Brendan Gall’s (of Men with Brooms fame and Schraefel blood) honest-to-goodness twin, and the second was Cory Mack, (she’s on youtube, too – check it out!) who made me laugh until I cried.   I had met her before, but hadn’t seen her act, which is hilarious!  Thanks for the laughs, you two!
Clem and the boys spent this gorgeous spring day cleaning up the yard and shop, getting ready to work on some machinery – if we can ever get it out of the snow banks still in the muddy field.   I rewarded them with home-made burgers and onion rings, for which I received a compliment from Stephen.  After I picked myself up off the floor, Clem and I took a nice evening stroll down the road.  We saw and heard lots of geese, but the only other wildlife evident were the mice that Roxy was digging out of the snow in the ditches.  Ahh, life on the farm.
That’s about all the excitement for now.  Thanks for checking in!