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The milestone week

Today is our anniversary.  Twenty-one years ago, on a day very much like today – sunny and warm (but the harvest was finished!) – we were married in God’s country.  An evening candlelight ceremony, with many, many friends and family in attendance.  Then a little drive to K-town for the big reception.  It was a great, long, exhausting day,  and I’d do it all over again in a heartbeat.  We were young and foolish!  And slim, I might add.

(But we were dressed better than those two young ushers!  Cute suspenders!)
And now we’re old and foolish.  And not slim.  

It’s also my mom’s birthday.  Wasn’t it so nice of us to make her host a wedding on her birthday?  What was I thinking????  But she handled it very well, I must say.  
Wasn’t she a cutie?  (They’re all cute, but she’s the one in the middle.) 
These are my favorite pictures of Mom.  She’s still a cutie!   Happy Birthday, Mom!

It was my dear husband’s birthday yesterday.  I sneakily planned the wedding date so that he would never forget our anniversary, since it is the day after his birthday.  Apparently the hint was too subtle, and it’s taken about twenty years for the lightbulb to go on!!  Either that or I should highly recommend all husbands have a Blackberry.  Now I’m the one forgetting (remember the slowcooker?) and feeling like an idiot when he presents me with a gift!   (I’m getting my own Blackberry.)  He’s such a sweetheart!
Clem shares a birthday with my mom’s oldest sister, who is twenty years and a day older.  Isn’t that amazing?  And she’s one amazing gal, too.  We had such a nice visit on the phone last night – I love her to pieces.  
So that’s our busy week in a nutshell.  Throw in a bit of football, hockey, harvesting, grad meetings, and optometrist appointments, and there you have it – – – life!  Isn’t it grand?
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3 thoughts on “The milestone week

  1. Happy Anniversary Clem & Chandra!
    Happy Birthday to your MOM too.

    The before and after pictures are priceless; You're only getting better :) Remember… foolishness is what keeps us young at heart; except drinking and driving….;)
    Hope you took some time out to enjoy the day.

  2. Happy Anniversary guys! I can't believe it's been 21 years… it's all a blur now… actually it was kind of blur then too, I think. Hope you're having a lovely evening!

    Love Lisa xx

  3. Stay foolish.

    The Mister and I got married on my parents' wedding anniversary.

    The Mister and I also share the same birthday. Yet, during the first few years of our marriage, he forgot my (our) birthday — two years in a row! There is just no hope for some people. And every year, we get individual cards from his father with checks inside. The Mister gets $200; I get $25.

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