Scratchings in the Dirt

Oh ya, it’s Thanksgiving weekend!

Our weekend went something like this:  hockey, drive to Unity for new phone, learn that the Rebels beat Eatonia, learn that the Flames lost to the Oilers (ughh) and miss Eberle’s goal, send Derek to hockey, work at library, go to Kindersley to watch Derek’s hockey, Junior hockey game in town, church, more hockey, watch the Riders lose to Toronto IN REGINA (double ughh), drive to Kindersley to watch Derek’s hockey, get Derek a ride to Unity for football, then drive to Kindersley to watch Derek’s hockey.  Whew!  Derek’s team won the 3-on-3 tournament again, which, again, means nothing except that they got to skate lots and have some fun.  And burgers.  Don’t forget the burgers!

We had leftover turkey from the fall supper all week, so I finished it off in a casserole for our Thanksgiving supper last night.  It doesn’t seem to matter what else we have for a meal when we have all these garden-fresh veggies around, especially the tomatoes.  We eat four or five good-size tomatoes each night at supper, and Clem often has tomato sandwiches for breakfast or lunch.  So I don’t have many left to can!  And my wonderful aunt made us some salsa from some of the bounty, and it is very, very good.  Stephen ate a whole jar by himself in less than an hour after we got it home.  Oh well, I guess it’s a nutritious snack.
We are still waiting to combine the wheat.  We have 400 acres left (not 200, as I have mistakenly been telling everyone for the last week!!), which should take two good days when they can get going.  It’s still testing tough, and these short days are not great for drying it down.  But the forecast looks good, so we are keeping our fingers crossed.

There have been lots of hunters around, since there are loads of ducks and geese around.  The other day some Montana hunters stopped in, and today a couple of guys from Virginia asked to hunt on our land.  I am continually amazed that men will travel such a distance to shoot a gun.  It is definitely a guy thing.

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving weekend, wherever you are.  And I hope that you all gave thanks for the wonderful family and friends you have in your life.  I know I did!

Thanks for checking in!