Scratchings in the Dirt

A star is born

Clem’s grown-up nephew is an actor living in Toronto. (I might have mentioned on here before that he is the Trident Splash speedo guy.)  We just finished watching the premiere of his brand-new CBC sitcom, Men With Brooms, and we are impressed.  We thought he was great (obviously), and the show is good, too.  But mostly what I kept thinking as I sat watching this handsome, funny young man who is related to my husband, is how amazingly humble and unassuming he is.  All we knew about this show, until a couple of weeks ago, was that he was in Winnipeg this summer shooting a series.  I mean, if that was me (fat chance), I would have been shouting it from the rooftops!  Which could probably be the premise for another CBC sitcom, come to think of it.   I did shout about Brendan’s show, on Facebook, anyway.  I even went back into the optometrist’s office today to tell the workers there to watch the show tonight.  And not only is he in a new sitcom, he’s the main character.  But one would never know it to talk to Brendan.  Check out this interview in the Toronto Star (yes, the Star) and you’ll see what I mean.  And check out Men With Brooms, Monday nights on CBC!
Way to go, Brendan!  We’re very proud!  And so are Bud and Marj – I just know it!

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