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For everything, there is a season.

And the season I speak of is, of course, BACK TO SCHOOL!!!  Well, and harvest.  But first they went BACK TO SCHOOL!  I have been practicing my happy dance for a couple of weeks now, and I must say I really busted a few moves this year.

It’s strange, but the boys never seem quite as happy as I am about BACK TO SCHOOL.  Derek was not too happy about the obligatory first-day-of-school photo shoot, either.  I’ll show you what I mean.


Coming around a bit…

Ah, there’s my boy!

And he is absolutely loving Grade 7.  He was literally bursting with stories from the first day – he could not stop telling me about how great it is to be in high school.  (He is actually just across the hall from the Grade 6 room, but somehow it’s a whole lot different.)  He loves his teachers, he loves the breaks, he loves being able to leave the school at noon, and he can not believe how fast the day goes by.  Oh, I hope this lasts!!!

Stephen is in his final year at KCS.  I’m pretty sure he’s actually going to school each day, but I can’t say that for sure because he hasn’t really said anything about school yet.  Except football.  He does talk about football.  They had their first game on Thursday, won 50 – 20 and he got 15 tackles.   About Math he says nothing.  I do know that he gets on the bus in the morning, because he’s taking a month-long break from driving (it must be contagious in this house!!).  That’s the only picture I could get of him on the first day BACK TO SCHOOL.

Clem did a little happy dance himself when his new bin arrived.  It is quite a sight to see something that big drive in the yard…
and through the yard…
and around the old bins…
and onto the pad Clem built…
and up…
up some more…
(I thought it might “lift off” here!)
Then Clem used his little bobcat to turn it around and level it.  I was pretty sure the thing was going to topple over on him and his bobcat, so I quit taking pictures and went back to the house so I didn’t have to watch that tragedy.
But happily he got it settled, and it is now full of very nice-looking peas.  The guys finished the 500 acres peas tonight just before supper.   Clem’s brother and his four beautiful daughters were visiting from Alberta, and they joined us for supper and a little celebration.  
Finally, a good picture of Stephen.  And with his godfather, too!
We still have quite a lot of harvesting to do, but they are calling for rain again.  When it dries up, the lentils will have to be swathed.  Then hopefully the wheat and barley will be ready – both are so far looking like very nice crops.  And lastly, there will be some flax to do.  One of our buyers stopped in last week and told Clem it was the nicest flax crop he’s seen this year!  We’re keeping our fingers and toes crossed that the frost stays away
I just can’t seem to finish a post without adding some shots of our living skies.  Enjoy!

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  1. Back to school happy dance! LOL me too…choppin at the bit to get back in the classroom :) Still waiting on my Saudi visa

    Nice to see the extended family photos…darn kids are all growin up like weeds!

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