Scratchings in the Dirt

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

…and I think it’s the snow!  (It’s certainly not the house!)  Yep, we finally got some of the white stuff.  It makes spending all that time in a rink a little more acceptable.  Driving was a little treacherous on Monday night, but all is well now.  Good thing, since what would we do around here if we all had to stay home together???

Clem and Derek are busy building a rink near the house.  The dugout is a little low on water this year, so it’s mostly muck and weeds down there.  There shouldn’t be so much complaining about shoveling now – a nice, small, flat surface.  I’m sure one of them (probably the big one) will rig up some way to do it mechanically – a blade on the quad, perchance?

I have been busy getting two choirs ready for our big Candlelight Contata in a couple of weeks.  I am also playing for two more who are also participating.  Things are sounding pretty good, so if you are close, you might want to check it out at the Catholic church in town on the 13th.  Bring some coin/paper along for the silver collection for our parish’s foster child! 

The Midgets are 4 and 0, and looking for the fifth win in Outlook on Friday.  I am going to drive down, and my favorite uncle is coming along for the ride.  Now he has invited his cousin to join us (the cousin’s grandson also plays on the team).  These two are the best story-tellers you have ever heard.  They remember people, places and events (at least I think they do – how would I know!) and the stories are hilarious.  I should sell tickets. 

Derek’s team plays again on Friday, too, matching up against a North Battleford team.  Clem will stay around for that one.  Hard to tell what will happen there – they split a home and home round with a similar team last year.

I should be getting a little stressed out about Christmas, seeing how we are hosting 16 people or so for supper on the big day.  I guess there is just so much other stuff occupying my time right now that I am in denial!  However, it will come whether I am ready or not, as it has every other year, and things always seem to work out.  I wonder what my mom would think of turkey weiners as a main course…

Bye for now!  Thanks for stopping by!