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-36 and holding

Brrrrr.  We’re all hunkered down here today, trying to avoid going outside.   Except for the boys.  We sent them to school.  Then I went looking for something to remind me why we live out here in the middle of nowhere.  Ah, here it is:

And here we are, back to centered text again.  You will have to bear with me, since I can’t for the life of me figure out how to change it!
Not too much new here, just hockey, hockey, hockey.   And I heard somewhere there is a holiday coming up – I’ll have to check into that.  You will have surmised that I have enormous amounts of work to do, since I am procrastinating posting again within a week!  A word to the wise – if you happen to stop in during the holidays, please don’t look in the corners, or the closets, or under any beds.  It won’t be pretty.
While searching for my reminder photo, I came across this one of Derek after the first snow of the season.  This was the sight that greeted me when I drove into the yard that day:
We’ve had a bit more snow since then, so it really is winter now.  Here is Clem going to work on the new rink:
I was just asked to play for yet another choir for the contata – that makes four.  So I guess I should get going and do some practicing.  It’s a free concert, but still…
For any of you reading this who usually receive a Christmas gift from us, please be advised that it won’t be happening this year!  I found out a while ago that one of the dormitories at the boarding school in Tanzania had a fire.   Now I saw those dorms before the fire, and was amazed at how they crammed the students in them.  I can’t begin to imagine where they are keeping them now.  Fr. Chuwa estimated that it will cost $15,000 to rebuild the dorm.   After a bit of thought, about how neither I nor our children really need anything,  I sent this year’s gift money (and baking supplies money!) to Fr. Chuwa.   We feel it is much better spent in that manner.  I hope you will agree!
Thanks for stopping in!

One thought on “-36 and holding

  1. Brrrrr…b..b..baaabbby it's cold outside!

    You have a kind heart, the Tanzanians will think so too!

    We also had our first snow storm of the year last Saturday…lots of snow…ho ..ho…ho From St. John's NL
    Thanks Chandra for keeping your blog uptodate, …Cheers

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