Scratchings in the Dirt

A September evening walk

We had a little shower around supper time this evening, which put the kibosh on any more combining (although Clem said the peas were still a little tough) and swathing (which Clem had stopped doing anyway because the lentils are still on the green side).  But it made for a beautiful evening for a walk – not too warm, and a bit of a breeze to keep (most of) the mosquitoes away.  I took the dog and my camera and a desire for a bit of alone time.

This was the view over the west trees.  Talk about “land of living skies”!

And this was the view as I headed out of the yard.

I thought I would check out some of the trees up close, too.  Here’s our crabapple tree right behind the house – loaded with apples that need to be picked and sauced!

 Here are some over-ripe chokecherries, which also didn’t get picked.  But just check out Mother Nature’s color show!

These are buffalo berries, which I don’t believe are edible.  Purely for the birds.  And our eyes.

Then I headed down the trail to check out the crops up close.  The barley is coming in nicely.  (Make sure you tell Clem you didn’t even notice the weeds!!)

More beautiful sky:

This is my favorite view of the farm, coming up from the south.

The wheat is turning that gorgeous golden hue, and this crop is looking very nice considering the little moisture we’ve had this year.

Here’s proof that crickets take care of grasshoppers.

How can anyone not like the prairies??

And that was my walk in a nutshell.  I must go now and put some Benadryl cream on the mosquito bites on my wrists!!

Good night, and thanks for checking in!

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  1. Thanks for posting the harvest photos…great pics and brings back some memories of times past…now that am connected again will beable to check in again.

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