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One month later…

…and I’m sure both of my loyal readers have abandoned me!  I’m terribly sorry for not getting back here to finish telling you about my trip.  Life seems to have hi-jacked my good intentions.  Between issues at the school, track meets, vehicles that leave me stranded on the highway, buying bedding plants, bringing them in the house in case it freezes, taking them back out in the morning, forgetting to bring them in, another trip to buy more to replace the ones that froze, laundry, a backed-up septic system (that was really fun!), more laundry, a “gig” at the beer gardens, and two presentations on Tanzania, it’s been even more hectic than usual around here!  Anyway, we are off to the city today to pick up the van, which they say was quite sick but has recuperated nicely.  We also have to drop off the honkin’ big Ford F-350 Super Duty crew cab long box pick-up that was the only rental left in the whole city of Saskatoon when the van broke down, and which sucks fuel like there’s no tomorrow.  I really hope the van is better…

So stay tuned!  I do plan to finish my African saga!

Thanks for checking in!

2 thoughts on “One month later…

  1. Not to worry will still keep checking in…seems for you at the moment… "the nail that sticks up gets nailed down"

    cheers carl

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