Scratchings in the Dirt

Hitting the Reality Wall…

…sometimes called “Davidson”.  The Midgets went down hard to the Davidson Huskies this weekend.  The first game wasn’t too bad, just 3 – 1 for them.  (Stephen assisted the goal!)  Our boys played well (Adam even got a shift!)  but they just couldn’t keep up the pace into the third period.  Not that that bothered the crowd, though.  There were even more people there than for the first game, and the 50/50 was $1200.  Not bad for little old Kerrobert.  

And then we went to Davidson.  Three buses full of fans and players, the underdogs ready to take on the hometown favorites.  We cheered as hard as we could, but the Huskies’ goal-scoring talents were just too much.  The Thunder storm fizzled and died, 8 – 3.  Our young team, with just two third-year players, couldn’t keep up with a team half full of third years and just one first year.  However, I’m pretty proud of the team for getting as far as they did.  Next year, as we like to say here on the farm!

On a happier note, my cousin, Bonnie, and her daughter, Kaycee, came to the game and we got a chance to catch up a bit.  Stephen stayed with them two years ago when he went to a hockey camp, and he and Kaycee have stayed in touch ever since.  Sometimes they keep Bonnie and I in the loop, too.  

Derek was lucky enough to attend the Flames/Wild game with some of his team on Saturday.  It sounds like they had a ball.  He kept texting me – “This is so much fun, I should have brought my camera”, “they’ve got booze in the van”, “going into the rattle dome” (spelling error his!) – so I knew he was having a good time.   He is off to a summer hockey try-out in Lloydminster next weekend, although I don’t think he will be able to play even if he makes the team.  The season is April and May, and ends just as we finish seeding.  And of course I will be gone for two of those weeks, so it makes it pretty hard to get him to practices and games.  Some other local boys are trying out, and have offered to take him, so I guess we’ll play it by ear.  Clem is taking Stephen to a AAA Midget camp in North Battleford on the weekend, too.  Not sure how that will go, or even if Stephen wants to play at that level.  Adam is lucky enough to be the recipient of two tickets to the Nickleback concert in Saskatoon on Saturday, courtesy of his favorite uncle, who won them at work.   I don’t even want to think about the logistics, and risks, of two 16-year-old small-town kids in the city on a Saturday night.  There are just some things I don’t need to know. 

We had a beautiful, warm, sunshiney day here today.  Plus 7, they said.  Our yard is a mucky mess, but I love it.  I am definitely ready for winter to be over.   And so are my windows.  They are getting washed as soon as I can get a round to-it.  I swear.  But first I am off to start packing for the big trip.  Now that hockey is almost over and the music festival is done, I can concentrate on Africa a little more!  

Thanks for checking in!