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Hockey, hockey, and more hockey

We had a whirlwind weekend of hockey again.  Even my parents came to watch their grandsons.  They were short-changed, however, when it was Adam’s turn to sit (19 players registered but only 17 skaters allowed each game!), and Stephen got himself kicked out of the Wilkie game on Friday for checking from behind FOUR MINUTES INTO THE GAME!!!  So we watched the team kick a little Wilkie butt, which somewhat made up for not having any of our own to watch.  

Derek’s team played Biggar on Saturday, and Mom and Dad got to see that, too.   Kerrobert easily handled the visiting team 20 – 2, and although Derek got 5 assists, he was denied the goal he so desperately wanted.  Next time.   After that game, we hopped in the van and drove to Maidstone for game one of the Midget’s first two-game provincial series.  Both boys played that one, and they both played quite well.  Adam got two assists in the 7 – 1 win.  We saw some good hockey.  Mom and Dad elected not to make the long drive, thus missing the best game of the weekend.  I guess they will just have to come for another visit this winter.

The weather has warmed up again after a couple of really cold days.  Clem has been playing with his new toy – a bobcat!  He and Stephen are moving some snow around the yard to practice for all the landscaping projects I am dreaming up for this summer!  Actually, they are digging out equipment in order to start working on it a little earlier this spring.  Clem also has trucks coming for grain again this week.  A farmer’s work is never done.

Neither is mine.  Which is why you are getting another update – many things that need doing are being put off this morning just to inform you, my valued readers, of the latest goings-on.  You’re welcome!   A big “hi” to Lisa, Jason, Terri and Copper, who are holidaying in Colombia, the lucky bums.  And a shout out to Rob with his “witty” comments about my not posting very often.  A bit of pot and kettle there, bro?

Better run now and get hockey posters and programs ready for the next round of quality family time at a rink!

Thanks for checking in!

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  1. Hi back at ya from Cartagena. Hola from Copper who is busy flirting with everyone and everything she sees. Thanks for the update.

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