Scratchings in the Dirt

Strange Sightings at the Schraefel Farm

I married a guy who worked for the railway, managing 500 people in the whole Western Canadian division, and who decided to leave all that “glory” to drive a tractor around a farm on a fairly isolated patch of prairie. We live in a nearly century-old renovated schoolhouse which is highly attractive to rodents. A whole year’s income can be wiped out in one storm. We have three testosterone-filled boys and a puppy who likes to play with plastic containers and shop rags. We are “My Three Sons” meets “Green Acres”. I see a lot of strange things. I thought I would share just a few.

Derek’s hair in the morning.
But the strangest of all..


look out….

it may induce a kind of shock (for which I waive all legal responsibility)…

or cause uncontrollable laughter…

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