Scratchings in the Dirt


The Rebel football season is off to a rocky start. They lost their season opener 32 -12 in Wilkie last night. Granted, they are a young team, and this has already been labeled a “growing” year. I thought they did pretty well, all things considered. And by all things, I mean the fact that I was almost throwing up because I have two boys on the team, one of whom was the starting quarterback (Stephen, who saw about two minutes of playing time last year, NOT as a quarterback), and one with a bad knee and a propensity toward concussion when hit in the head (Adam – you should see his health history which I had to fill out for school registration!) , something that tends to happen a bit in this game, whose job was to protect said quarterback. Anyway, we all survived, and they were healthy enough at the end of the game to go to Jimmy’s with the team to soothe their bruised egos with Chinese food. Clem, the wuss, said he couldn’t watch, and stayed home to swath wheat. I suppose we both had a tough job. I wonder if the know-it-all dads behind me at the game would have made all those cutting comments about the players if Clem had been there? Apparently they didn’t hear US Republican vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin’s speech in which she quipped that the only difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull is lipstick (and you can substitute football for hockey in that line!).