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OK, listen up, folks.  Time for a new name for this blog, and I am taking suggestions from you, our valued readers.  (Some of you might have to de-lurk for just a moment, but it’s for a good cause.)  I’ve been doing a bit of surfing and reading myself – since I have absolutely nothing else to do – and there are some decidedly witty blogs out there, with interesting and quirky and pun-ish titles.  The Mother Load (love it!), Testosterhome (too good), Deathbed Moment (see what I mean about quirky?).  The options are endless!  So put on your thinking caps while you’re sitting there wasting time trying to vicariously be a farmer.  I’m going to go read some more because, like I said, I have absolutely nothing else to do!

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  1. The first three (or a derivation thereof) are my personal favorites:

    1) “Prairie Rhythm”

    2) “The West Central Beat” (for double wordplay value alone)

    3) “The Oakdale Blues”

    4) “The Schraefmeisters”

    5) “Three Boys, a Guy, and Reason”

    6) “Organic Thinking” (or something along the organic line)

    7) “Hockey Moms for Palin” (terrific title if you want boost your Google rankings)

  2. Tina, I’m not sure why your tomato plants are so leggy. I’ve never grown them indoors. I don’t think it would hurt to twist them back down. If they are done flowering, it’s too late to pinch off the tops, but next time you grow some, you might want to try that to encourage more leaf growth and more fruit to set. Once the fruit have developed, you can prune the leaves and non-fruit-bearing branches to get bigger and tastier tomatoes.

    On the other hand, since I by no means an expert, you should maybe just google “growing tomatoes indoors” and see what comes up!

    From a couple of comments back, we have a few buyers we contract with or sell to on a regular basis. A couple are in Saskatchewan and one is out of Winnipeg, I think. One of our buyers is a wholesaler in Vancouver who supplies a guy who sells wheat grass juice in some little kiosk for incredible prices.

  3. I have a question for you. I am growing cherry tomatoes inside and they have grown more than I ever expected. They are now bigger than my windows and only have a few tomatoes each on them. I have them supported right now becuase they are so tall, but can I twist them down and around the support so they are not so high? Do you have any other suggestions? You can see a pic of them on my blog.

    Thanks. Tina

  4. Totally off topic, but where do you sell your crops?

    Here’s what I have so far, although I’m not happy with it.

    Green Acres and Hands.
    2080 Acres across the fields.
    hmm…. looks like I’m the only one having fun with this! I’m off to a friend’s house tonight. I’m gonna throw it out to them also.

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