Scratchings in the Dirt

Spring in Saskatchewan

I guess winter doesn’t just seem long, it is long!  What a treat to wake up to this!  Now Environment Canada gets it right –  I suppose one should be more specific when saying we need moisture.  Oh well, never a dull moment here in God’s country.   A bit of a juxtaposition to see the air drill surrounded by snow drifts.  Good thing Clem took the snow blade off the tractor. 
And more to come today and Monday, along with wind.  I think that means a blizzard!

Dylan came for a visit last weekend, and when his mom came to pick him up, she brought pizza and birthday cake.  We had a grand time celebrating his 13th birthday.  Another Schraefel teen-ager – look out, world!

On another note, I received word the other day that our new-found Scottish cousin, Ivie Fisher, has passed away.  Made me want to get on a plane and go back.  He was such a kind man, with a great sense of humor and a devilish twinkle in his eye.  His son said that he was still talking about his Canadian cousins while in hospital, showing his visitors the Christmas card Lisa sent him from Russia (which arrived in February, by the way.  Then again, I’m not sure when Lisa sends out her cards!).    Rest in peace, Ivie, til we meet again.

Thanks for checking in, and Merry Christmas!

2 thoughts on “Spring in Saskatchewan

  1. Hey! I resemble that remark, but maybe u could have remembered I LEFT Russia in December. Nice words about Ivie. So sad we won`t get to connect with him again.

  2. Hi guys,
    Happy to hear about the moisture but wish it wasn’t the kind you need to shovel. Too early anyway to be putting anything in the ground! There were a few April 30th’s (Gramma’s birthday)over the years, when we had mega snowfalls as well so-don’t rush!!
    Thanks for the post and happy birthday Dylan!

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