Scratchings in the Dirt

Shades for sale, or, pride goeth before a fall

Clem said I was bragging too much about the boys.  I told him to never mind, that someone should blow their horns, and who better than mom?  Turns out he may have had a point.  The SHA zone rosters came out yesterday, and guess who’s name was missing?  That’s right.  No Stephen.  After a call to the coach, it turns out “they” made a “mistake”, (what? a hockey player who can’t read? imagine!) and he is NOT on the team.  I was pretty shook up, and nervous about telling Stephen, but when I did, he just shrugged his shoulders and said, “oh, well”.  Guess I should take a lesson.

Other than that, things are moving along quite smoothly.  Adam has been promoted to lead singer in the band and they’ve found another drummer.  They are still having a ball playing music.  Derek’s team is on their way to the league finals after beating Wilkie in the semi-finals.  Only two games to go and they are done.  A little time away from the rink should lower the ol’ blood pressure!   But consider yourself warned – the blog may get even more boring.  Read at your own risk.

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