Scratchings in the Dirt

Harvest begins!

Clem is one happy farmer. At the end of last week, it was reported that 2% of the 2007 Saskatchewan crop was in the bin, and 4% had been swathed. Well, he is about 30% complete – the peas and lentils are all done – and they are good quality legumes. It sure is nice having all this built-in help. Finally, the boys are starting to pay for themselves!!!

Here they are in the lentils.

Here’s Adam unloading “his” IH combine.

Stephen has inherited the old Massey combine. He is quickly becoming an excellent operator, and has started doing some swathing, as well.

We had some guests pop in last week. John Dirk used to work with Clem at CP. He was driving through Saskatchewan, saw the Kerrobert sign, and decided to stop by. Here he is on the left, with his friend Celia and the Schraefel harvesters.

When they’re not in the combines, the boys like to relax in their raft on the dugout. We’ve had quite a bit of laundry to do lately, as they seem to spend as much time in the water as on it. Who needs a cabin at the lake??!!

Clem is trying to get some swathing done these days. The oats are down, but not ready to combine yet. The wheat is ready to swath, and the barley is still about a week away. The cooler weather has been nice, but things sure aren’t ripening as fast. Oh well, it’s still early!

Bye for now!

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