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Happy Birthday, Derek!

My baby turned 9 yesterday. He was born in the middle of harvest, while we waited for the wheat to be ready, so it was only fitting that we celebrated his birthday in between crops. He was so excited for his special day. I love that he wears his emotions on his sleeve, without inhibition. (Most of the time; sometimes it is not so pretty.) He has expansive feelings – he is hugely happy, hugely angry, hugely excited, hugely sad, or hugely whatever, and he goes from one to the other with the flip of a switch. Our lives are always interesting! And he gives the best hugs, to everyone and anyone, again without inhibition. I hope that is something he will never lose as he “matures”. Wouldn’t it be nice if we had all retained a bit more of that impulsiveness from our childhood days?

Clem’s brother, Carl, is visiting from Saudi Arabia, so Jack and Margie hosted a Snell gathering on Tuesday evening. We had a wonderful roast beef supper, along with invigorating conversation, lots of laughs, and of course, Caesars! Jack and Margie are the consummate hosts.

Bobbi decided, to Derek’s delight, that he should have a birthday candle on his ice cream cone.

We had a family birthday supper last night, complete with Derek’s requested Panago pizza and homemade turtle cake. Carl, Chris, Bob, and Dylan joined us for a great evening of laughs and hugs.

He had a great day!

Earlier in the day, as I was trying to figure out Facebook (two hours, people – don’t do it!!), I glanced out the window and saw my nine-year-old son driving the front-end loader through the yard. They grow up so fast!

Glad you dropped by – see you soon!

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Derek!

  1. My strongest (not favorite) memory of you, Derek, is when you whacked me in the face with with a magazine at the Flames game when a goal was scored. I don’t even remember who scored that goal now but you were terribly excited (and strong). You’re definitely the best person to take to a Flames game!

  2. Derek, you have been such a delight and even our extended family knows who you are! It sounds like you had a great birthday party and I wish I could have been there too!
    My favorite memory of you was when you were in the truck with me and Grampa and you were asking me questions that I either couldn’t answer or at least the answers were not acceptable to you and so you started to cry. You were just going into Grade one. I said,”Derek,what if you cry like this in school?” And you said through your tears, “Well, I will be finished by then!”
    Another favorite memory was when you talked from your heartin front of all those people at the funeral, about the last time you saw your Gramma Marj in the hospital before she died. That was very special and Iwas so proud of you and I know for sure that Gramma Marj was too!
    Love Gramma

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