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A quick trip to Calgary

Derek, Ashley, and I made a quick trip to Calgary to meet Copper, our new cousin/niece. She is quite adorable, and we spent a lot of time just holding and looking at her! Her parents seem quite taken with her, as well.

Grandma and Copper have a little chat.

The three generations.

Copper is amazingly strong and alert for a two-week-old baby. She lifts and turns her head a lot already. Her she is checking out her cousins.

She likes her daddy, too.

She still does a lot of sleeping.

Still working on that focusing thing!

Forgot to add Adam’s harvest haircut to the previous post!!

That’s it for now! Thanks for stopping by again!

2 thoughts on “A quick trip to Calgary

  1. Thanks for the update–since fb has been banned at work I check everybody’s blog 6-10 times a day–it is always a joy to my day when there is an update.

    The haircut cracked me right up–always loved the football hairdressers.

    Take care

  2. Aaawww she’s so sweet. And I haven’t seen J smile like that since… actually I’ve never seen J smile like that.

    Nice hair cute Adam!

    Auntie Lisa xoxo

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