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Storm-stayed, and glad!

We survived the big storm today. Huge winds – gusting at least 60 km/hr – and some snow made for an interesting day. Clem took the boys in to school this morning, but we probably should have kept them home. The afternoon buses were canceled, so then we had the problem of getting them again. It quit snowing about 3 pm, so Clem went back in and got them. I was the storm-stayed one – pj’s all day, and loving it! It’s supposed to get very cold over the next few days. I don’t know why we are always so surprised that it is cold in Saskatchewan in January!

We took Marj home from the hospital yesterday. She was in there for over two weeks, so she was glad to get out. I could hardly keep up with her and her walker on the way out of the hospital! She seems to be managing quite well for now.

It’s been hockey-mania here since the New Year started. Derek’s Novice team had four games in five days, and he fit in a game at the Atom tournament, as well. Adam’s Bantam team has been fairly quiet, but they go to Rosetown tomorrow night, and then have a tournament in Kindersley this weekend. Stephen’s Bantam team had their tournament Dec. 29 -31. They had some tough competition, and lost the “C” final. We had another road trip last weekend (they beat both North Battleford and Meadow Lake) and we are off to Tisdale and Naicam this weekend. To fill in the gaps, we like to watch the Flames beat the Oilers (the New Years’ Eve special!!)

We had a pleasantly quiet Christmas. Only my mom and dad, my brother, Rob, and his fiancee, Amber, and my brother, Mark, joined us for Christmas supper. But my mom’s family loves to get together, so my cousin, Bobbi, invited all who were around to her place for the evening. It was nice to catch up with some of the cousins and “outlaws”. My sister, Lisa, called us from Moscow while we were there, and it was so good to hear her voice. My brother, Jason, and his wife, Terri, called from Victoria the next day while we were at Mom and Dad’s farm. It was good to hear from them, too. We will all be together in March for Rob’s wedding.

I think that’s all the news (or at least all you really want to read!) I hope everyone had a great holiday, and that the New Year is treating you well so far. Thanks for stopping by!

3 thoughts on “Storm-stayed, and glad!

  1. Hey Sister! I hope to be snow-stormed too one day here but Moscow weather is proving to be more like Vancouver’s. The whole city is baffled by it and are wishing for cold weather again.
    L xo

  2. I stop by everyday! It is the best way to stay connected…thanks Chandra & Clem for keeping this blog open…cheers carl Take time out from your busy schedule and …Build a snow man for me !

  3. Heh Happy New years!
    Glad all is well and handling the Saskatchewan winter! Good to read your blog; was wondering when you were gonna write again LOL

    I am back in Riyadh after a crazy week over the xmas break in Bahrain. Too much tequila shiela!Good to back to a normal routine, teaching and studying.
    cheers and look for your next bog entry!

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