Scratchings in the Dirt

Two funerals and what seems like about 51 hockey games later, here we are again. It’s been a mild weekend, and the sunrises have been beautiful, coming up over Clem’s new (and mostly still full!) bins.

Stephen arrived home about 10 o’clock last night from Prince Albert, where his team won the “C” final. They have finally broken their losing streak, thank goodness. It sounds like he had a fun weekend, perhaps more fun that I will ever hear about!

Adam’s team went short-handed to Battleford on Saturday, and had to settle for a 7 -5 loss. They were down to eight skaters at one point, so they gave it a good try.

Derek was in hockey heaven this weekend. They hosted a four-team tournament on Saturday, and swept it big time. The scores were embarrassing. Derek got an assist, I think. He tends to do a lot of dipsy-doodling around the ice, practicing his beloved crossovers and such, and sometimes gets behind the play! He has a ball, though. They had another game on Sunday, with another embarrassing score, and Derek played net. We weren’t able to be there, but apparently he didn’t see a lot of action, so entertained the crowd by skating around the net and swinging the stick in big circles until he got it stuck in the boards. He experienced some mild panic until he got it unstuck!

I spent most of the last week at the church for various practices, services, and funerals. I joked with the choir that we should just bring sleeping bags and camp out. Our local Carol Festival, held yesterday, was a success again. It really is a lovely afternoon of music. Then the Community Choir entertained at the Pioneer Haven Christmas party last night. Tonight is our Candlelight Christmas concert, with three choirs and some individuals performing separately and then together for the grande finale. Clem has been pitching in as sound man, and does a great job. He sang for one of the funerals, as well, and wowed them all again. He is booked in for more now, although I think people should be careful about what they wish for!

Marj continues to manage in her home. I found her cooking a pot of soup on Saturday, and Clem got to taste test it later. He said it was great!

That’s it for now. Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. thanks for update. It was nice talking to Derek on phone yesterday. hope he’s feeling better (although he seems nicer when he’s sick). L xoxo

  2. Wow! Don’t you guys ever just stay home and watch TV???LOL
    Sounds like you are all so very active! I guess it’s better than being a couch potatoe! Am I right or am I wrong?
    That was a retorical question. Stay well!I enjoy reading all your news.

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