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Russian Roots

My favorite sister, Lisa, has arrived in Russia to take up her new position as a teacher of English. She is currently in Moscow, which she described to our mom as “bleak”. Sounds like home, today anyway! She will be teaching in a small town outside of Moscow, from what I understand. I am hoping she will be able to travel at some point to areas closer to the birthplace of our ancestors. They were Germans who immigrated to Russia in the late 1700’s – early 1800’s, but kept much of their ethnicity in their new homes in the Odessa region near the Black Sea. Perhaps Lisa will even meet some distant relatives, like we need more of those! Our paternal German ancestors were among the founders of a village called, very originally, Huck. What remains of it is now called Splawnucha (sp?). It is near the Volga river. Our maternal ancestors were in villages nearer Odessa, close to the Dniper river, I believe.

We have had warm but wet weather here. Clem was in Saskatoon for the SARM convention (I think I saw the back of his head on the news one night!), and they had freezing rain and snow. He holed up in a hotel for an extra night, but still had dangerous driving conditions on Thursday when he came home. The roads right around here weren’t quite so bad, as we didn’t have as much snow, but the dirt roads became quite icy as the snow we did have got packed down by the traffic and polished by the wind. Ah, the joys of Saskatchewan in the winter. Luckily, we have hockey to distract us! We watched the Kerrobert Pee Wee’s do a job on the Elrose team yesterday, and stayed to see Eston show the Tigers how to play the game. I have way too much Luseland blood, I guess, because I still take pleasure in seeing the Tigers get beat! (Don’t tell anyone I said that! The poor President of Kerrobert Minor Hockey may take even more flack.)

Adam’s Bantam team is going to try to win their first game tonight when Kindersley comes to Kerrobert. Angus Phillips is heading up the coaching staff this year, so we expect no problems. Stephen’s team is playing at home in Kindersley against the Battlefords AA Bantams tomorrow at noon. There is a parent get-together after the game, at which the parents can watch the football game (Go, Riders, Go) and the kids can swim in the hotel pool. We won’t stay long, since our presence is also required at a family get-together at Aunt Linda’s. Her son, Chris, is getting married next year, and his fiancee and her dad and step-mom are in town to meet the gang. I hope they’re prepared – it can be somewhat intimidating, from what some of the Schan “wanna-be’s” have told me. What with the “name that cousin” quiz at the end of the evening and all.

I am off to Saskatoon on Monday for a two-day retreat at Queen’s House, so I will miss Derek’s first home game Monday evening. I am confident that they will do well, though. I am a bit worried about Clem getting everyone to where they have to be from Monday until Wednesday, but I have made a calendar of events for him, so he’ll likely manage his role as Mr. Mom.

Check back on Monday – I’ll try to get you the results of our weekend games. You can also keep up with the Kerrobert teams at

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3 thoughts on “Russian Roots

  1. Chandra, Interesting info on your family history…you should post more HISTORICAL tid bits in with your current goings on… as it does tie in nicely with your Lisa’s travels to the Russian region!!!
    Take care on those icy Saskatchewan roads!

  2. So far I’ve had borscht and cole slaw, pretty similar to Grandma’s… food really can make me happy! I’ll definitely check out the Odessa region before I leave (which might be sooner than I originally planned). L

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