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Hockey Happenings

What a weekend! Adam’s team tied Kindersley at three goals a piece last night, in a well-played game. Lots of penalties as the team gets used to the new “rules emphasis” enforcement, which, in English, means don’t impede the progress of the puck carrier with your stick, I think. Anyway, I thought they were serving pizza in the penalty box, because so many of our guys kept going in there. Adam was the first to put his feet up for two minutes – I was such a proud mom. Stephen got a call a couple of hours before the game to fill in for an injured linesman, so he was busy, too. Derek ran the music during the breaks in play. He did a fine job, until he got hungry for a hot dog just after the second period. The third period was much quieter.

Stephen’s team managed to hold on to the lead for a 5-4 win against Battlefords today. Stephen played a fine game, showing his strength in front of the net. Some of the smaller Battlefords players were bouncing right off when they tried to check him. After the game, we all went to the Kindersley Inn where the parents watched the football game (we won’t go into that) and the kids played on the waterslides and ate pizza. We left Stephen to catch a ride home with another Kerrobert player, and headed back to Aunt Linda’s to meet the gang. Derek had stayed in Kerrobert to play shinny, and Adam refereed a game in town this afternoon, so they were already there. There was a great feast waiting for us, as usual. Aunt Lorraine must have had six kinds of cookies, all delicious. My cousin Allan and Lori were there with their brand new baby boy, Andrew. He is just adorable. As Grandma Schan would say, he’s a really nice baby – he has a nice head. (You had to know her…) My cousin Carla was there from Hardisty with her three little ones, and all the locals were there, too. Bobbi sang her newly written song, which I think she is planning to record. It made us all cry, so it’s a keeper.

Another family history tidbit, just for Carl. And because we just observed Remembrance Day. John McCrae, the author of the famous poem, In Flanders’ Fields, was a 2nd cousin to my paternal great-grandmother, Grace Fisher Veness. Grace was born in Scotland, as were John McCrae’s parents, although they came to Canada as children in the mid-1800’s and settled near Guelph, Ontario. John McCrae was a surgeon in World War I, and died of pneumonia (I think!) in France during the war. Stephen did a presentation on this distant cousin for last year’s Heritage Fair at the school. John McCrae’s great-niece is Giells Turner, wife of former Prime Minister John Turner. My dad is not all that fond of that last bit of family lore!

And I’m off for my little holiday tomorrow, so check back later in the week in case there’s news!

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  1. That was Miss Rehman in Grade 4. I also memorized that poem, and said it at the Remembrance Day Service the year I was in Grade 4!

  2. love the John McCrae connection. I think I still know that poem by heart (thanks to Ms Raymond in Grade 4). As for the boys – I already knew they were superstars. The family get together at Aunt Linda’s makes it hard to be here and not there.

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