Scratchings in the Dirt

Yes, we’re still here and It’s still raining!

It is hard to focus on anything once harvest is done. Although there are many things to do, I don’t seem to do any of them. Maybe when the rain stops.

We are following Stephen’s attempt to make the Double A Bantam hockey team out of Kindersley. He has made the intitial round of cuts and there are about 3 kids left to cut so he is still waiting. He played his first game last night against Swift Current. They held their own sharing the lead back and forth until about the end of the second period when things kind of went to hell and they lost the game 11 -6. Stephen assisted on their second goal, but he got burned a few times as well. It is fast hockey and you aren’t allowed any slip ups or it will cost you. They travel back to Swift Current on Sunday.

I am the new Minor Hockey president in Kerrobert which has already proven to be a busy job but I think I will enjoy it. Adam is still recovering from his concusion and still is not allowed to play football but is still travelling with the team. They are 2 wins and 1 loss so far.

Chandra has started teaching piano in town 2 days a week and catching up the farm books.


2 thoughts on “Yes, we’re still here and It’s still raining!

  1. Expect the reason for no new entries is that the rain stopped and work began again.

    Good luck Stephen. Couldn’t Adam take up a sport less invasive to the body like skydiving or mountain climbing.

    Chandra those farm books will never be done – like laundry or dishes.

    Carry on – hope everything turns out the way you want it to.

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