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LentilsWelcome to The Schraefel Farm! We are located 10 km SE of Kerrobert, a town of 1200. We are 200 km West of our nearest city, Saskatoon. We are far from any type of indusrial polutants and so enjoy a quiet, clear mostly farming community.

We produce organic dry land crops including cereal grains such as wheat, barley and oats, oil seeds and legumes like flax, peas and lentils on 5000 acres.  We offer sales direct to consumers, distributors and brokers as well as bulk sales. Please call us directly. The land consists of glacial till with low rolling hills and sloughs with small bluffs of trees in the low spots. It is home for many deer, rabbits, antelope, coyotes, porcupines, and foxes. Over the past several years we are seeing more moose make this their home. We are in the flyway of the Canada goose and many kinds of ducks and other foul. The farm operation is the primary business producing bulk grains in a dry climate which reduces disease and insect problems. Yields are less but quality is usually very high.

Grains For Sale

Highest Quality Food!

Whole grain food crops are the best foods for your family's health. Milled fresh is always the best way to enjoy whole grains. When you purchase milled food products from the store the best part of the grain is removed by law because once milled, grain has a short shelf life.

All of our grains are certified organic by TCO (Trans Canad organic) to Canadian, USDA, European, and Suisse standards. Certified Organic is our promise that we use no chemicals or artificial fertilisers or processes. We grow some of the highest quality grain you can find anywhere in the world. Because of our dry climate we have very little disease or insect problems. Because we are far from any industrial polluting sites we are in the cleanest environment for growing crops possible. 

Products we supply are Brown Flax, Hard Red Spring Wheat (milling or bread wheat) Durum Wheat (pasta wheat), Barley (malting or food quality). Whole peas (dry green or yellow), Lentils - large, small green, French Green and Black, Oats, Mustard and Rye. Call us directly if you have any questions from the contact us section at the top of our site.


We can ship in small bags, larger plastic food grade reusable pails for use in your kitchen. We also supply kitchen mills and smaller flax mills.

A Flax kit comes with a small mill and a small 2 lb. bag of flax. Flax and other whole grains can be stored virtually forever. Once milled it should be used while still fresh but can be stored in a freezer for up to a month.

We also ship in bulk truck loads and rail cars.


WARNING - The "Natural" Myth

Natural vs. Organic!

Claims of products being "Natural", "Green" or any other similar word don't mean they are produced any differently. There are simply no standards for these claims. Anyone can use these claims and often do, no matter how it is grown or processed. Only "Organic" or "Certified Organic" claims are regulated around the world and mean that the farmer or the processor has used absolutely no synthetic pesticides or fertilisers in their products. It does not mean that pesticides or other synthetic compounds do not exist absolutely, but that none have been added during growing or processing. it means that every effort has been made to ensure that the product is grown and processed under strict regulations and audited to verify adherance.

So beware when you see any product advertised as natural, green or any other claim! If it does not say "organic" the price should not be higher than any other product. This is a scam by food manufacturers to capitalize on the higher prices for organic products without letting the farmer have any share in the added profits. In the "organic" industry the higher cost is a reflection of lower yields, extra labour costs, monitoring, certification costs, more careful storage and handling of product. Organic land must be pesticide free for 3 full years before anything can be sold as "organic". Thank for your support of smaller, family farms and Happy Shopping!

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