The farm's home quarter is located in Saskatchewan on the South West quarter of 20 -33-22 west of the 3rd meridian. Kerrobert is the nearest town 10 kilometers away with a population of 1200. Saskatoon is the closest city at 200 kilometers with a 250,000 population. It is located, along with neighboring farms, far from any industrial pollutants. This provides the ideal place to grow organic grains for international consumption.

The Schraefel Farm has been transforming into a producer, distributor and retailer of high quality, certified organic grains, oilseeds and legumes to the world market place. It is distinguishing itself from traditional, high cost commercial farming. It is leading the way, with other organic farms in the area, in re-establishing agricultural producers as a self - sustaining and vibrant member of the community.

The transition has not been easy nor without risks but the risks of maintaining the status quo in agriculture is immense and the need for change far outweighs the risk. The Schraefel Farm is a sole proprietary but has many supporting roles. Financiers, suppliers, brokers, shippers, customers, family members, employees and neighbors are involved in the short and long term operations.